Tjabo et Anne-Sophie

To James,
Un petit mot de remerciement que vous pouvez utiliser sur votre site si vous le souhaitez.

We had been looking for a new home in Brussels for quite some time with 2 rather different tastes in housing style. We chose to ask Property Hunter for help as we got a bit frustrated with the Brussels housing market and we needed a push in the right direction. Whilst sometimes we may have come across the same houses or appartments since we continued to search ourselves too, it was in the actual dealing with the owners that the benefit of Property Hunter, and especially James, became apparent. James was on top every second during negotiations and within hours he got us a price we thought would have been higher. James also proved valuable in directing us to other services such as a creative financial intermediary. We are now in our new apartment since 3 weeks and enjoying the chaos of still moving boxes around and getting our heads around decorating the place. Thanks!

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Managing Partner Property Hunter. Nous sommes les leader de la recherche immobilière à Bruxelles. Plus de 10 ans d’expérience dans les domaines de l'immobilier